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Acid Bath – Paegan Terrorism Tactics Remastered CD

1. Paegan Love Song
2. Bleed Me an Ocean
3. Graveflower
4. Diab Soule
5. Locust Spawning
6. Old Skin
7. New Death Sensation
8. Venus Blue
9. 13 Fingers
10. New Corpse
11. Dead Girl

Album Notes

Dax Riggs (vocals)

Sammy Duet (guitar, background vocals)

Mike Sanchez (guitar)

Jimmy Kyle (drums)

Audie Pitre (bass, background vocals)

Recording information: Festival Recording Studios, Kenner, LA

Acid Bath’s second album further establishes the band’s unique Southern punk/sludge/goth metal hybrid, only with warmer, fuller production and a more melodic songwriting approach than on their debut. The songs here are stylistically all over the map, but bound together in part by frontman Dax Riggs’ powerful singing and dark lyrics (filled with references to death, graveyards, and bone dust.) The opener, “Paegan Love Song,” is an instantly catchy shout-along anthem that combines ’70s blues-rock elements with more modern metal drumming, while “Venus Blue is a straightforward slow rock song with a sad, soaring, guitar-heavy chorus that might have almost been radio ready if not for the graphic lyrics. “Diab Soule” is more in line with their debut, shifting between raging metal sections, melancholy melodic crooning and a heavy Southern/groove rock breakdown. The closer, “Dead Girl,” is an all-acoustic ballad that brings to mind Alice in Chains, but again, thanks to the lyrics, it is more disturbing and sinister than any of that band’s work. A couple of the songs go on a bit longer than they need to, but on the whole, this album is still filled with strong vocal melodies, memorable riffs, and well structured songs. While their debut also had plenty of standout tracks, Paegan Terrorism Tactics gets the edge over that CD due to its better production, more consistent songwriting, and generally more confident, mature tone. ~ William York

Acid Bath – When The Kite String Pops CD

1. The Blue
2. Tranquilized
3. Cheap Vodka
4. Finger Paintings of the Insane
5. Jezebel
6. Scream of the Butterfly
7. Dr. Seuss is Dead
8. Dope Fiend
9. Toubabo Koomi
10. God Machine
11. The Morticians Flame
12. What Color is Death
13. The Bones of Baby Dolls
14. Cassie Eats Cockroaches

Acid Bath:

Dax Riggs (vocals)

Mike Sanchez (guitar, tambourine)

Sammy Duet (guitar, background vocals)

Audie Pitre (bass, background vocals)

Jimmy Kyle (drums)

Recording information: Side One, Metairie, LA.

Acid Bath’s debut is a malicious and sometimes downright disturbing album that defies easy categorization. They stitch together elements of death metal, ’70s hard rock, thrashing hardcore punk and Black Sabbath-esque sludge into multi-sectioned songs that are both intricate and often surprisingly melodic. The production, especially the compressed drums and often-processed vocals, adds an industrial feel that increases the album’s menacing vibe. “The Blue” kicks things off with a bluesy swamp metal riff before smoothly winding its way through a maze of tempo and riff change-ups, while the closer, “Cassie Eats Cockroaches,” weaves spoken word samples and screaming vocals in and out of complex, Southern-flavored death metal riffing and precision double-bass drumming. Elsewhere, the songs range from full-on assaults (“Cheap Vodka” and “Toubabo Koomi”) to creepy ballads, namely the goth-tinged “Scream of the Butterfly” and the largely acoustic “The Bones of Baby Dolls.” Vocalist Dax Riggs handles this diverse material well, switching between distorted screams and a melodic croon reminiscent of Jim Morrison or Glen Danzig. His not-for-the-squeamish lyrics address such topics as drug abuse, rape, abortion, death, and self-loathing, but for the most part do so in an artful, vividly poetic manner. While it would have been stronger if a few of the weaker songs had been left off, When the Kite String Pops is still an excellent, diverse metal album that remains unlike much else, even years after it release. ~ William York

Editorial reviews:

The lyrics would turn even Trent Reznor’s stomach. In fact, the make Nine Inch Nails immature dabbling in the darker side of human nature seem like a 9-year-old sneaking a peak at daddy’s “Victoria’s Secret” catalog.

SUBJECTS: Death, keeping warm with burning bodies, death, cockroaches, death, necrophilia, death. Not recommended for  dinner table conversations. It’s not like you haven’t been warned: two John Wayne “them’s my spurs, little buddy” Gacy paintings grace the CD cover.

GUITARS: (applicable to most of the vocals too) table saws chewing through nail-studded 12-by-12s; magnified electric razors; the rotors of a Jolly Green Giant helicopter slapping into seagulls. Then again, there’s some very accomplished  acoustic-flavored picking during the demonic lullabies.

DRUMS: 100 car crashes in a minute.

VOCALS: Medieval, heavy metal canticles floating like angels over a battlefield; choked-out screams(see Guitars above).

The Louisiana bayou fiver brands disturbing, sinister metal into your chest so hard your heart might turn black. If hardcore is the sound of anger, this is the sound of evil.

CATEGORY: Death Metal Gumbo (fins and intestinal casings included).

Acid Bath – Demos: 1993-1996 CD

The hot, humid swamps of the Louisiana bayou, early 1993. Dax Riggs, Audie Pitre, Sammy Duet, Mike Sanchez and Jimmy Kyle drove from New Orleans to Orlando to record a demo for their band…aptly named, Acid Bath. What nobody knew was that they were about to pour the sonic foundation that dozens of bands would ultimately use to build their own houses on.

These recordings, namely the 12 demos contained within, are what the band had laid down and are almost like a mile marker as to how their sound developed, evolved and became the polar opposite of what was going on in the music industry at that time. Sit back, spin the volume knob to the right and let it burn…

1. Dr Seuss is Dead
2. What Color is Death
3. Scream of the Butterfly
4. God Machine
5. The Morticians Flame
6. Dope Fiend
7. Finger Paintings of the Insane
8. Jezebel
9. The Bones of Baby Dolls
10. Venus Blue
11. Bleed Me An Ocean
12. Graveflower

Agents Of Oblivion CD

featuring Dax Riggs and Mike Sanchez of ACID BATH.

1. Endsmouth
2. Slave Riot
3. A Song That Crawls
4. Dead Girl
5. Phantom Green
6. The Hangman’s Daughter
7. Ladybug
8. Ash of the Mind
9. Wither
10. Paroled in ’54
11. Anthem (for this haunted city)
12. Cosmic Dancer
13. Big Black Backwards

Alter Boys – The Exotic Sounds of The Alter Boys CD

1. Pigs & Pineapples
2. Can’t Cool Down
3. Famine Ghost
4. Little White Lies
5. Where Have You Gone
6. A Little Pain Goes a Long Way
7. Auto – Erotica
8. Boy in a Bubble
9. Docking Bay 94
10. Surrounded by Porcelain Flies
11. I See You Moving
12. Yesterday is Here

Featuring members of Mushroomhead and Dog Fashion Disco

Broke – A Clear Perspective of Nothing CD

Think Iowa lays claim to the Midwest’s heaviest, scariest band? Think again. St. Louis area misanthropes BROKE deliver that ferocity and menace without the freak show shtick. The Missouri quintet’s Rotten Records debut, blends equal parts hardcore tenacity, death metal depravity and industrial cacophony for a sonic Molotov cocktail that will scorch your very soul.
Be afraid.
Produced by Mike Sanchez
(Acid Bath/Agents of Oblivion)

1. Sourcrotch
2. Natural Born Hooker
3. In Badtaste
4. Dead Girls
5. Erection Day
6. Dead Alive
7. Swell
8. Cry For More
9. Confession of a Schizophrenic Groove
10. Jesus on Acid

Chris Poland – Return to Metalopolis CD

1990 saw the initial release of “Return To Metalopolis”, Chris’ first solo effort after leaving the critically acclaimed Megadeth. With brother Mark on drums and Chris playing the rest of the instruments, the end result was a record of pure sonic genius. Chris really let’s you have it with his dizzying array of skillful, eclectic soloing and delicate finger picking. This is the record that set the pace for guitar players worldwide and their brazen attempts to emulate his unique sound and style. having left Megadeth. Heavy instrumental record taking progressive, rock, and metal a step further.

Track Listing:

1. Club Ded
2. Alexandria
3. Return to Metalopolis
4. Heinous Interruptus
5. Fall of Babylon
6. Row of Crows
7. Theatre of the Damned
8. Beelzebub Bop
9. Apparition Station
10. Khazad Dum

Chris Poland – Rare Trax CD

14 track record comprised of material from two bands post Chris’ Damn the Machine years, “Mumbo’s Brain” (featuring the vocals/lyrics of horror novelist John Skipp with Dave Randi on bass), and “Nothing if Not” (featuring ex OHM: drummer Koko Bermejo, and Carol Mc Arthur on vocals), with one bonus track by Chris’ new band OHM:, and 2 solo acoustic guitar tracks. “Mumbo’s Brain” is comprised of heavy and “dark” tracks. The “Nothing if Not” tracks focus more on melody and songwriting. The bonus track is a live improvisation by Chris’ rock fusion power trio OHM:.

Track Listing:

1. Big 15
2. L.A.’d
3. Won’t Take Me Back
4. Lissa’s Found a Home
5. Demons
6. I’m Only Sleeping
7. Acoustic Guitar Interlude #1
8. Hold On
9. SOS
10. Lay It Down
11. Voyager
12. Angel
13. Accoustic Guitar Interlude #2
14. If Yellow Were Orange

DRI – Definition CD

Long awaited sixth release. Also marks the debut of drummer Rob Rampy. A different bonus track on each format.

1. Acid Rain
2. Tone Deaf
3. Guilt Trip
4. Hardball
5. The Application
6. Paying to Play
7. Say It
8. Dry Heaves
9. Don’t Ask
10. Time Out
11. Let It Go
12. You
13. The Target

DRI – Live CD

Live LP Recoorded from the Hollywood Paladium Show. All your Favorite Songs Live. No Overdubs or Phony Balogna.

1. Intro
2. Thrashard
3. Acid Rain
4. Mad Man
5. Couch Slouch
6. Argument Then War
7. The Application
8. I Don’t Need Society
9. Hardball
10. Violent Pacification
11. Beneath The Wheel
12. The Explorer

DRI – Full Speed Ahead CD

Their 1995 release. 16 songs!

1. Problem Addict
2. I’m the Liar
3. Under the Overpass
4. They Don’t Care
5. Drawn and Quartered
6. No End
7. Wages of Sin
8. Syringes in the Sandbox
9. Who am I?
10. Girl with a Gun
11. Dead Meat
12. Down to the Wire
13. Level 7
14. Broke
15. Sucker
16. Underneath the Surface

Damaged – Purifed in Pain CD

With DAMAGED what you see is what you get. A complex mix of the nastiest elements of grindcore, speed and thrash metal fused together to provide a lesson in sheer brutality. Collectively, DAMAGED is violent music for violent people. Call it hatecore, call it grind, call it death, but brutality by any other name wouldn’t smell as sweetly. Lock up your ears…aggression has a new name. Australian hate-core featuring lead vocalist KEVIN SHARP formally of Brutal Truth.

1. Broken
2. Cyberwar
3. Lifestyles
4. Head Trauma
5. Into Annihilation
6. Conman
7. Breathe Deep
8. Follow the Man
9. After World Obliteration
10. Open Season
11. Freaks & Geeks
12. For a Good Time

Damaged – Token Remedies Research CD

Hate-Core from down under. There is no substitute or comparison. Damaged-Australian for rock-n-roll.

1. Token Remedies Research
2. Change
3. Eternal Dismemberment Complex
4. The Mirror Perils
5. Cold Blood Eraser
6. Soul Vaxation Accidental
7. Swine Eyed Sheep
8. Ingrained
9. Glass Spines & Hearts Like Junkies
10. Dust

Damaged – Do Not Spit/Passive Backseat Demon Engines

Australian noise terrorists Damaged are primed to introduce their world of noise to the rest of the planet – by going back to where it all began. Groundbreaking, nearly impossible to find, 1993 debut, Do Not Spit and 1995 follow-up EP, Passive Backseat Demon Engines, in one flesh-ripping package. Equal parts death metal, speed metal, grind core and hardcore – all fueled by the buzz sawing riffs of Chris Hill and Machine gun drumming of Matt Sanders – the Damaged attack is brutality made fresh. Repackaged, remixed and re-energized, extreme music fans begin to taste the hate. The band’s lone video clip for “Nails” is also included.

1. Dreggs
2. Dust
3. The Travellin?Manic
4. Slow Heretic
5. Ultra Mild
6. Open Arms
7. Don’t Spit
8. Resurrect
9. Walk Blind & Burn in Every Step
10. My Grain
11. Nails
12. Dethroned Emperor
13. Internal Dismemberment Conflicts
14. Passive Backseat Demon Engines
15. Straight Jacket
16. Extra Mild
17. Equimanthorn
18. Nails (video)

Deadboy and the Elephantmen – If This is Hell Then I’m Lucky CD

Limited Rotten Records Edition – Deadboy and the Elephantmen “If This is Hell Then I’m Lucky” CD.

1. Strange Television
2. Walking up Insane
3. Song with No Name
4. Graves Beyond Windows
5. Otherworldly Dreamer
6. Like the Dead Would Laugh
7. High Monster
8. Heart of Green
9. Barefoot in the Dark
10. Theme

Dog Fashion Disco – Adultery CD

Combine elements of the most disturbing film-noir, metal, hardcore, jazz and ska. Whatever you may call it, Baltimore’s Dog Fashion Disco call it “Movie Metal” and have not only outdone themselves, but have created a concept record to fold, spindle and mutilate all of the aural senses. Adultery delves into the life of an ordinary suburban family man and walks you through his folding to his own dark demons. Lock Quentin Tarantino, Charles Bukowski and Humphrey Bogart in a room with guitars, drums and a few bottles of Absinthe and what you would find closely resembles the genius of Adultery.

1. The Uninvited Guest
2. The Sacrifice of Miss Rose Covington
3. Silent Film
4. Sweet Insanity
5. Desert Grave
6. Moonlight City Drive
7. Private Eye
8. The Darkest Days
9. Dead Virgins Don’t Sing
10. The Hitchiker
11. 100 Suicides
12. Adultery
13. Mature Audiences Only

Dog Fashion Disco – The City is Alive Tonight: Live in Baltimore CD/DVD

1. Worm in a Dog’s Heart
2. Rapist Eyes
3. Baby Satan
4. Love Sung for a Witch
5. Vertigo Motel
6. Toothless Dream
7. Acid Memoirs
8. 9 to 5 at the Morgue
9. Pink Riots
10. Valley Girl Ventriloquist
11. G Eye Joe
12. Leper Friend
13. A Corpse is a Corpse
14. Breed*
15. Rat on a Sinking Ship
16. Albino Rhino

Bonus DVD Featuring: DFD-Day
– Spend a day in the life of Dog Fashion Disco with this 95-minute concert film!
– Deleted scenes
– Trailers

Dog Fashion Disco – Beating a Dead Horse to Death…Again CD

Limited Edition of 1000. This edition contains 3 bonus live tracks*.

1. Baby Satan
2. Day of the Dead
3. Gardenia
4. Rat on a Sinking Ship
5. Devil’s Wife
6. Barely Breathing
7. Satan’s March
8. Anaconda
9. Worm in a Dog’s Heart (live)
10. Rebel Yell (live)*
11. 100 Suicides (live)
12. 9-5 at the Morgue (live)
13. Desert Grave (live)
14. Darkest Days (From Final Show)*
15. Magical Band of Fools (From Final Show)*
16. Turning Gay
17. Hank Steel the Real Queer Cowboy

El-Creepo! CD

Solo release from Dog Fashion Disco and Polkadot Cadaver vocalist Todd Smith.

1. Lazy Tiger
2. Witch Hunt
3. Orange Peel Sunrise
4. Easy Killer
5. Skeleton House
6. The Art of Bullfighting
7. El-Creepo!
8. Hitman
9. Hot little Temper
10. Bachanian Desert Heathens
11. Pitchfork
12. Spaceneedle
13. Bloody Mary

Gat-Rot – Us Versus Them CD

Tucson, Arizona’s Gat-Rot have released their long awaited new disc on Rotten Records.

Deep, punching low frequencies, bellow through your speakers, rumble the ground beneath your feet then up and through your lower intestinal tract, using your body as a sonic conduit to blow your head clean off of your shoulders.

Reminiscent of the great early hardcore bands that once roamed the earth, but are now lost and over-shadowed by scrawny little, new school whinny boys swinging microphones with hair in their faces, Gat-Rot and all of their massive girth, will put you back in your place with Age of Quarrel ferocity guaranteed to leave you wanting more…

1. Truth No Excuses
2. I Am Your Violence
3. Equilibrium
4. And Justice For Some
5. This Is The End
6. Make Today
7. Lcd
8. Where Will You Go
9. We Still Rise
10. 2nd Wind

Gigantor – Back to the Rockets CD

Formed in 1991 in Hannover, Germany GIGANTOR have unleashed 4 prior releases in Germany and Japan where they have developed a strong following with constant touring. Back to the Rockets is Gigantor’s 5th offering originally released in Japan in early 2000. This is by far their most popular release to date. Includes 15 melodic pop/punk songs and a bonus video track. Gigantor have the punk energy of the Ramones combined with the melody of Cheap Trick. The best band in a long while to come out of Germany, check them out. 15 songs plus CD extra video track.

1. Pop the Cork
2. The Chameleon
3. Asia No Junshin
4. Marilyn Memorial Day
5. 3rd Booth by the Window
6. Narcis-cis-sick
7. San Fran Disco
8. Eye Hate Dog
9. Friendly Love Affair
10. Sign & Deliver
11. Deaf, Dumbstruck and Living Dangerously
12. G-Evolution
13. The Impossible Dream
14. No Use!
15. CB4U
16. Asia No Junshin video