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Gat-Rot Us Versus Them CD

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Tucson, Arizona’s Gat-Rot have released their long awaited new disc on Rotten Records.

Deep, punching low frequencies, bellow through your speakers, rumble the ground beneath your feet then up and through your lower intestinal tract, using your body as a sonic conduit to blow your head clean off of your shoulders.

Reminiscent of the great early hardcore bands that once roamed the earth, but are now lost and over-shadowed by scrawny little, new school whinny boys swinging microphones with hair in their faces, Gat-Rot and all of their massive girth, will put you back in your place with Age of Quarrel ferocity guaranteed to leave you wanting more…

1. Truth No Excuses
2. I Am Your Violence
3. Equilibrium
4. And Justice For Some
5. This Is The End
6. Make Today
7. Lcd
8. Where Will You Go
9. We Still Rise
10. 2nd Wind

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Weight 4 oz