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Chris Poland Return to Metalopolis CD


1990 saw the initial release of “Return To Metalopolis”, Chris’ first solo effort after leaving the critically acclaimed Megadeth. With brother Mark on drums and Chris playing the rest of the instruments, the end result was a record of pure sonic genius. Chris really let’s you have it with his dizzying array of skillful, eclectic soloing and delicate finger picking. This is the record that set the pace for guitar players worldwide and their brazen attempts to emulate his unique sound and style. having left Megadeth. Heavy instrumental record taking progressive, rock, and metal a step further.

Track Listing:

1. Club Ded
2. Alexandria
3. Return to Metalopolis
4. Heinous Interruptus
5. Fall of Babylon
6. Row of Crows
7. Theatre of the Damned
8. Beelzebub Bop
9. Apparition Station
10. Khazad Dum

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Weight 4 oz