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1. Spiderman vs. Venom
2. Waltz del Monstruo
3. Dose Mozerous
4. Adamantium Elbow
5. Del Fontineau
6. Stoneheed
7. Stew
8. Eye of the Knorm
9. Big House
10. S Mart
11. Colonize
12. Khali Ma

St. Louis extremists Vampire Mooose are anything but your average metal beast. Fusing death metal brutality and raw hardcore intensity with abstract, progressive arrangements and free-jazz freakouts, the band is unorthodox, unrelenting and utterly unpredictable. Their Rotten Records debut is an insane cross-breeding of Meshuggah, Dillinger Escape Plan and Obituary-style sonic terror tactics only weirder and more vicious. They call it “rawkus,” and it will rock your world.

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