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Ohm CD


Ohm CD

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Chris Poland’s debut rock instrumental power trio. Heavier record with a focus on songwriting and melodic content. Ohm, the brainchild of Chris Poland, former lead guitarist of Megadeth, takes instrumental recording to new heights. Poland’s unmistakable clean; overdriven tone and legato phrasing make him instantly recognizable. Poland has been praised by many of his peers as one of the greatest guitar players in the world. Robby Pagliari, Ohm’s six-string fretless bass player, is every angry ounce of ten different bass players all rolled into one smooth, quiet and dynamic alien being. Kofi Baker, son of famed drummer Ginger Baker keeps time more precise than the atomic clock but with the power of heavyweight Mike Tyson, and the finesse of Muhammad Ali.

Track Listing:

1. Peanut Buddha
2. Where’s My Hat?
3. ID
4. Love Song
5. Came to Believe
6. Between Us
7. Iguana
8. Sister Cheryl
9. Brandenberg
10. Bastille Day
11. The Mountain
12. Search for the Suicide King
13. Ohmage

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