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“Megadeth lead-guitarist Chris Poland and his band OHM: have taken their sophomore record, pushed it over the edge, crushed all walls of conventional fusion and have laid down one of the most brazen, nitro-burning instrumental records you’ll ever hear.

This record consists of 25 years of blood, sweat and tears. This record is us doing both a 180-degree turn-around and a full 360-degree circle. This record is our heart and soul, our convictions and everything we stand for. It was all caught on tape with the help of Petar Sardelich who is one of the few people who just knew what direction we wanted to take the band. We hope you enjoy”

-Chris Poland

“Here’s some stuff for the OHM: nerds. The Glass House factoid. To make a good record, the studio must be at exceedingly hot temperatures. All those guys that say cooler temps are better for your gear, lie.

What usually (usually) happens in terms of songwriting is one of three things. CP is at home playing acoustic on his couch, decompressing from whatever the day has brought. The Music Gods (we like to think of Ganesh) come to him, and a melody and/or chord progression come. If it’s not CP on his couch, it’s Pag on his. Whoever it is then brings the idea to rehearsal, and they add to and/or arrange the ideas and etc. Kofi gets free reign- he’s the drummer, he writes the drum parts. If it’s not CP or Pag bringing the idea, a jam happens at rehearsal or a gig that touches one of them, and they write the song around what comes.

These guys don’t “practice” in the traditional sense. They play for pleasure, because they’re compelled. Pag often at his house on the couch, CP at Glass House, Kofi in his studio.

It will really help the creative process if you’re in a studio that is Earth-scorchingly hot.

Music is listened to mostly by referral, occasionally because something draws us to listen to something from back in the day so to speak. Sometimes we listen to stuff while we’re switching out and/or tweaking gear or instruments in the studio. Michael Landau and Allan Holdsworth are favorites. Usually we starve (maybe I’m just speaking for me here…), but we sometimes go to a mom and pop fast food joint around the corner. Sandwiches. Trader Joe’s stuff for Petar. Pag brought us pasta made by a real Italian one night- himself. Kofi, since he’s built like crazy, eats chicken and rice he makes at home.

All gear is scrutinized to death. Cables are run in both directions to see which has less or more impedance, more or less low end. Drums are painstakingly tuned. Different batteries tried and strings changed… constantly. Effects are run in different places in chains and loops, similar types are switched out… sometimes all in ways they might not have been intended (we’re unafraid to void warranties).

At breaks in rehearsal or recording, Pag smokes outside (less than he used to though) and talks about bass players. CP is usually tweaking guitars or gear, Petar ruminates or actually does kung fu, frequently complaining about the sad state of psychiatry and/or the nation. Usually and. Kofi refuels by way of chicken and rice, talks about drums and how cool girls are. Oh yeah- and traffic. Use yer’ damn turn signals! It’s bad enough that you drive on the wrong side of the road!

Heat in the studio causes enough sweating to detoxify the body and think more clearly about the writing, recording, and rehearsing processes.”

-Petar Sardelich
Track Listing:

1. DaVinci
2. Tara
3. William’s Amino Acid Flashback
4. What If…
5. Joog in da Boot
6. Compass of the Heart
7. Icarus Falls
8. Rooms of Telemetry
9. Skint
10. Spun
11. Tattoo