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1. Out of The Woodwork
2. Icebox
3. Your Body is a Wasteland
4. Snake Eyes
5. All Sixes
6. Interloper
7. Morality as Home Entertainment
8. Bag of Nerves
9. Nailbiter
10. Monster
11. Treebeard
12. Dead Men Tell No Tales
13. The Beyond

Karen Page was released Feb 16, 2010. Lyricist: Matt Tluchowski. Karen Page: Matt Tluchowski (vocals, programming); Jonny Doyle, Bryce Seditz (guitar); Alan Cassidy (drums). Audio Mixer: Andrew Della Cagna.

Debut album from the Metal upstarts. In a music scene flooded by generic sounding Death Metal and Metalcore, stormed with breakdowns and riffs stolen from At The Gates, stands the greatest band ever formed, Karen Page, a refreshing change to the music scene. These five musical titans have been considered the reincarnation of the Nordic gods of Metal and slam dunk basketball playing. With a self released EP under their belt, Karen Page quickly drew a fan base more loyal than the likes of David Hasselhoff. Unlike anything you’ve ever heard before, blasting your ears with an incredibly unique sound, the album takes you on a musical carnival ride, where what you expect to come next, never happens. Fans describe the new tracks as unpredictable and “awesome”. This album will change your life. It is the best work of art ever created, according to Vincent Van Gogh.