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Ideamen – May You Live in Interesting Times CD


1. Interesting Times
2. Emergency
3. The Rest
4. Sunshine
5. Horse’s Head
6. Incident
7. Collectibles
8. Uneventful Day
9. No Thought
10. Paper Goose
11. Quares
12. Your Signature Here

Album Notes
Personnel: Tim Swanson (vocals, keyboards); Gwen Mitchell, Mark Vasquez (vocals); Chris Gardner (Mellotron). Audio Mixer: Chris Gardner. Saying that Chicago’s Ideamen really like the work of Mike Patton — a lot — is a bit of an understatement. (One could throw Serj Tankian into that mix as well without batting an eye.) As a result, May You Live in Interesting Times feels less like a statement of purpose and more a sense of a band working through primary inspirations on the way to something further down the road. It’s not without appeal — when the band places more prominence on piano, as on songs like “Incident,” as well as slowing down some of the otherwise nonstop hyperactivity otherwise on display, the variety allows for odder twists on the style to step forward.

Ideamen formed in 2006 from the ashes of the bands Duct Tape Mustache and Soulvasq. Tim Swanson, Mark Vasquez, Dave Solar, Dan Figurell and Phil Goodrich emerged with a band more mature and accessible than their previous incarnations. Taking elements of 70’s piano pop infused with modern rock sensibilities, Ideamen created their own unique sound complete with with dual lead vocalists, a strong keyboard presence, and their trademark four-part vocal harmonies.

In 2007 Ideamen independently released their first EP, ‘ Progress ‘, which sold quickly throughout the US and around the world. Ideamen then began touring, catching ears and tapping into the fans and subculture of ‘ Experimental ‘ music, performing as an opening act for national touring groups of the genre such as Baltimore’s Dog Fashion Disco, Chicago’s Tub Ring, Seattle’s Orange Tulip Conspiracy.

Though constantly on the road, Ideamen hasn’t neglected to lay their foundation in Chicago. The band performs often at Double Door, Beat Kitchen, Elbo Room and Reggie’s Rock Club. Ideamen will be on the road throughout 2010 touring to support their new album “May You Live In Interesting Times”.

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