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Formed in 1991 in Hannover, Germany GIGANTOR have unleashed 4 prior releases in Germany and Japan where they have developed a strong following with constant touring. Back to the Rockets is Gigantor’s 5th offering originally released in Japan in early 2000. This is by far their most popular release to date. Includes 15 melodic pop/punk songs and a bonus video track. Gigantor have the punk energy of the Ramones combined with the melody of Cheap Trick. The best band in a long while to come out of Germany, check them out. 15 songs plus CD extra video track.

1. Pop the Cork
2. The Chameleon
3. Asia No Junshin
4. Marilyn Memorial Day
5. 3rd Booth by the Window
6. Narcis-cis-sick
7. San Fran Disco
8. Eye Hate Dog
9. Friendly Love Affair
10. Sign & Deliver
11. Deaf, Dumbstruck and Living Dangerously
12. G-Evolution
13. The Impossible Dream
14. No Use!
15. CB4U
16. Asia No Junshin video