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About Acid Bath

Acid Bath formed in 1991. The band was based south of New Orleans in several small towns including Houma, Thibodaux, Morgan City and Galliano. Influenced by thrash metal as well as bands and artists such as Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, Celtic Frost, Carcass and Darkthrone.[1] They recorded their demo Hymns of the Needle Freak with their manager and producer Keith Falgout in 1993. The strength of the demo earned them a deal with Rotten Records, an independent label. They released When the Kite String Pops produced by Spike Cassidy (Dirty Rotten Imbeciles) in 1994. This album sold over 37,000 copies by 1999 despite being on an independent label with no mainstream support. Two years later their second and final effort Paegan Terrorism Tactics was released. Neither gained them mainstream success, but both albums earned a high degree of underground acclaim. In 2005, another album composed of their demos, Demos: 1993 - 1996, was released. Notably, the band used artwork by serial killers John Wayne Gacy (When The Kite String Pops) and Richard Ramirez (Radio Edits 1) along with infamous doctor Jack Kevorkian (Paegan Terrorism Tactics).

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